Create swimming pools

A swimming pool is an important part of the enjoyment and aesthetics of your residence

A hole is made in the ground and poured with concrete so that the swimming pool appears to be level with the ground.

The basin is built on a base so that it rises from the surface of the ground, and stairs are installed to climb to it

Swimming pools can also be constructed on the roofs of houses

Swimming pool .. Special steps in construction and implementation

* Swimming pools can also be an indoor swimming pool, meaning inside the building, or an outdoor swimming pool, that is, outside the building in the garden, for example.

After completing the design phase, we determine the dimensions of the swimming pool

We dig an area larger than the bathroom area, because concrete will be placed in excess of the net dimensions of the swimming pool

After digging, the floor is compacted well to hold it together, using water and compactors.

After adjusting the level of the floor, the slopes, and the depth of the swimming pool, concrete is poured for the floor and then the walls are built with a thickness of 25 cm.

Water supply, drainage and mechanical works are installed. Reinforced concrete is poured for floors and walls, and an insulating material is added to prevent water leakage.

The bath is left to dry and then a test is done for 7 days. If a leak occurred, we empty the bath, then after it dries, we treat the place of the leak .. But if the test is successful, we empty the pool of water and leave 3 days to dry, then we repair the leakage area. We install ceramic.

The pool is filled with water for final operation.

Skimmer pool

This type consists of a swimming pool body connected to a machine room in addition to a group of other accessories such as

inlets - skimmer -drain

* The skimmer, which is named after the bathroom, returns the water from the pool to the purification filters in the pump room with the help of a stirring pump, then chlorine is added in a certain percentage to purify the water.

Other services

Overflow swimming pool

Overflow swimming pool, which is one of the original swimming pool systems, as it is one of the oldest designed bathrooms

Skimmer swimming pool

It is one of the simple swimming pool systems, as it consists of the main body of the bath in addition to the machine room and finishes

Horizon swimming pool

It is one of the finest swimming pools at all in form and system, as it combines the advantages of the previous systems in an integrated form from inside and outside

Swimming pool over flow

This type consists of the body of the swimming pool and around the bathroom is an over flow duct, which the bathroom is named after, and it is a concrete duct installed in the swimming pool adjacent to the ceramic and is covered with grills

* And when the swimming pool is full, the water comes out from the sides and falls into the grills, meaning inside the over flow, and a beautiful gurgling sound of water occurs, and this tank needs a balance tank and a pump room

Swimming pool without pipes

It is an outdoor machine that is placed on the surface of the swimming pool and leaves a place for it with an area of ​​80 cm x 80 cm, and it provides you with making pipe extensions and a pump room.

* For all types of bathrooms, a water heater or an inverter can be installed that pushes the water against you, as if you were swimming for long distances


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