Directory of the best swimming pool companies

If you are looking for a guide to the best swimming pool companies in Kuwait, you must be concerned with several criteria when evaluating, the construction of home swimming pools in villas, palaces and chalets is done through various construction and electromechanical works beside the design and decoration works, also the smart systems for control and automation have become an additional standard especially for those wishing In the implementation of luxurious modern swimming pools, Diamond Bulls as a multi-disciplinary company providing you with contracting and construction services, interior and exterior design, finishing and engineering supervision, regular operation and technical tuning

There are many swimming pool companies in Kuwait of various types, sizes and areas, we specialize in swimming pools for villas and palaces of all kinds, Skimmer, Overflow and Horizon, being an integrated company, we can easily integrate interior design elements for home decor with the same materials as exterior design elements for the surrounding spaces, including landscapes and swimming pools In a harmonious decorative pattern, all of our works are designed to be compatible with smart home systems, whether on delivery now or upon future development without demolishing any constructions and without additional expenses.

Swimming pool design and implementation companies directory

We believe in the principle of specialization. Specialized work teams work under our umbrella, starting from the design stage, raising the spaces and the geography of the site to determine the area and location of the swimming pool, and then it is possible to start the three-dimensional design very close to reality and discuss alternatives and types, after that comes the role of the structural department specialized in the work of constructing structures Concrete, equipment rooms, pumps and stabilization cabinets rooms. Design items overlap to include hardscape and softscapes for the swimming pool area, rock and marble walkways, wooden floors and pergolas, industrial fountains and waterfalls, plans and executive engineering drawings for all construction works, electrical wiring works, mechanical and insulation works, ceramic and mosaic works. Supply and installation of pumps, grills, exhaust and intake manifolds, and other requirements for regular operation.

Construction company for swimming pools and industrial lakes

As an engineering technical office attached to a separate construction department, along with the architectural finishes and decoration department, we provide all services for the construction and development of home swimming pools for open and covered villas and palaces, our services include three-dimensional designs, executive panels, whether structural or electromechanical, excavation work, soil compaction and determination of tendencies and levels, Civil works related to concrete, finishes, ceramics and mosaic works, supplying and installing pumps, filters, floodlights, heaters, water sweeping units, evacuation and withdrawal units, lighting supplies and smart swimming pools, we provide services and solutions to treat leaks, construction problems and periodic maintenance contracts.


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