Horizon swimming pool

It is one of the finest swimming pools in terms of shape and system, as it combines the advantages of the previous systems in terms of an integrated form from inside and outside, as well as the balance tank, the pump room, the Horizon stream, the internal and external ceramic, the large water filter and the shape resembling a waterfall from the outside accompanied by the sound of water purl, despite all of that and what you see is clear of The attached photos, however, this type is not widespread and may be due to its high price or the failure of most swimming pool companies to implement

Horizon swimming pool


It is one of the finest types of swimming pools at all, as it is characterized by picturesque views, but it is very suitable for high places and large areas, as this type depends on optical illusions from the horizontal view, and for this it is called this type of bath with this name as it is characterized by the magnificence of the view from near and The pictures show this, except that it is similar to the overflow in terms of the need for a stabilizer tank and a gigantic duct, but it differs in the shape, design and direction of the stream, and that the location of the bathroom is preferable and that it is at a point that shows the high and low until the bathroom appears and the purpose of it is given and the cost of this bathroom is also due to the stages of implementation

The stages of the swimming pool with Horizon system:

1. Sessions

2. Drilling

3. Adjust the levels

4. Ordinary concrete

5. Painting the bathroom with a brick frame

6. Isolate membranes + watering

7. Armature brushes

8. Pouring concrete, stream and stabilizer tank

9. Isolate the bathroom from the inside, the rooms and the sink

10. The splash and ceramics

11. Equipment installation

12. Compaction and termination of work

13. Running the bathroom


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