Overflow swimming pool

Overflow swimming pool, which is one of the swimming pool systems of an original character, as it is one of the oldest bathrooms in design and has now been retracted due to the cost as it consists of the basic body of the bath, which the customer chooses in addition to the overflow course, which is the bath named after her, which is a concrete stream Installed in the body of the bathroom, ceramics are affixed and covered with galeria or marble according to the shape and desire of the customer and add a beautiful shape to the bathroom as the water floods the bathroom and overflows on the sides until it comes out of the bathroom into the stream, passing through the galleria, making the sound of water trickling as if it is a small waterfall in addition to the shape of the bathroom, which is full to the end. It needs a stabilizer tank in addition to the pump room

The overflow system is considered the most expensive and costly in terms of maintenance and establishment work, as it requires building a concrete waterway adjacent to the pool in order to collect and expel the excess water from the pool level.

In this system, the water surface is at the same level as the surface of the tiles surrounding the swimming pool, which gives a more beautiful shape and a unique aesthetic touch that the scimper system does not provide and reduces the waste of water that comes out of the pool

This system needs to have a stabilization tank in addition to the equipment room and the pumps for the swimming pool

This system needs more space and is preferable to use in public places and swimming pools for palaces and large villas


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