Skimmer swimming pool

It is one of the simple swimming pool systems, as it consists of the main body of the bath in addition to the machine room and the regular finishes of ceramics, deck, and accessories of vacuum openers, Inlet, Drain and Skimmer, which is what the bathroom was named after, where the scimer returns water from the bathroom to the purification filter in the pump room with the help of the flipping pump Then the clonitor stage, which is the stage in which chlorine is added in the appropriate proportion to the bathroom, which was previously set using the test kit, through which the bath water is chemically controlled, and the choice of the swimming pool from the location, area and shape is due to the customer's request, and the swimming pool companies have nothing to do with that except providing advice if It is necessary and a photo attachment to illustrate the shape of the scimitar

Choosing the appropriate system for swimming pools is one of the important factors in determining the beauty and design of the exterior or interior decoration adjacent to the swimming pools

Swimming pool systems differ and their types vary, for example there are swimming pools made of fiberglass material, swimming pools made of special plastic materials, and many types of swimming pools

In most applications, swimming pools are built in the traditional way, which is by means of concrete construction, then waterproofing is done from the inside and outside to install tiles or natural stone ... But the question remains what type is appropriate for the design of the house, do we use a skimmer system or an overflow system ... and to answer On this question we will make a comparison between them

In this system, water is treated and collected in the pool equipment room far from it or near it, and the wasted water is not kept or outside the pool.

This type of swimming pool body is connected to a machine room in addition to a group of other accessories

It returns the water from the pool to the purification filters in the pump room, then chlorine is added in a certain percentage to purify the water

* This type is characterized by its lower cost and less space.

* The water level is less than the level of the pool edges by about 20 cm, and this is one of the drawbacks of the skimmer system, as there is a difference in the level of the pool from the adjacent floor.


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