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Before you think about creating a swimming pool, you must know that regular swimming pools poured with concrete take a lot of time to prepare, and this is very expensive and goes through many construction stages ... from steel reinforcement to pouring concrete to ceramic cladding, and this is not insulation and prevention. The leakage of water that you must take into account during the construction of the swimming pool at all stages and as a result of water leakage inside the walls of the swimming pool or through the pipes of water draining .. It will cause an increase in water bills and major damage to the infrastructure of the home. Rest your mind, buy the content and stay in Swimming pools made of fiberglass from Al Hafiz for fiberglass and we saved you the trouble of searching for a safe, modern and beautiful swimming pool suitable for anywhere, as well as your furnace, regular maintenance of the swimming pool. You can talk to the keeper of the fiberglass now and know the appropriate swimming pool for you.

First: civil works (upon request)

The company carries out drilling at the site according to the dimensions agreed upon

A 25 cm thickness of concrete formwork is made for floors and walls

Conch is made for the floor and walls

Second: the works of fiberglass and insulation

Making layers of insulating materials such as Sika and Addi Bond for the plaster of floors and walls

Several layers of fiberglass are made of fiberglass and polyester

The fibers are coated with natural jelly cot, which is resistant to weather conditions (rain, heat, humidity, …… ..)

Then a layer of epoxy for swimming pools is made, whether (regular / 3D as requested by the customer)

Multiple colors upon request

Third: Electromica works (pumps and filters)

A number of water motors are installed in addition to sand filters, as well as skimmer units and pumps (to be determined according to the sizes of the bathroom)

Motors - pumps - filters, American brand Hayward, made in USA

A 12-volt headlamp is installed inside the water, by the American Hayward brand (determined according to the size of the bathroom)

The automatic control panel, electrical cable network, distribution and protection panels are installed

Aqua park specifications

The material used is fiberglass, which is armed with fiberglass and polyester coated with natural jelly cot soft, smooth

The paint used is Jelly Cot natural resistant to weathering (humidity - sunlight - salt - ...)

Colors are not specified and varied according to the client's desire

Colors are stable, not faded, and unaffected by anything

The bearing capacity of metal towers and slides and their stability is high

One year warranty

Customized specifications

We can provide Aqua Park with different specifications, where the height starts from 4 meters to 12 meters

We deliver the aqua park all inclusive


Water motors

Mineral origin

Iron guys

Complete plumbing and mechanics connections

Fiberglass water tanks - polyethylene

After consumers searched for a better quality and less expensive storage method than those mineral tanks, and in light of the exacerbation of the problems of water cuts. Al-Hafez Company offers our customers the best water tanks made of fiberglass and conforming to international specifications, capacity of 850 liters and up to 60 cubic meters in different shapes that suit all purposes (longitudinal and horizontal) The shape of the tank and the raw materials manufactured from it varies according to the purpose of use, of which are designated for preserving drinking water or Chemical storage or fire water storage. Our company also provides shipping, lifting, installation, remedial maintenance and follow-up services

Tank specifications

The tank is made of fiberglass material, armed with polyester coated with smooth gelcoat material, which withstands various weather factors of humidity and temperature.

The tank is smooth and smooth from the inside, which makes it not capable of forming algae and fungi, which makes it harmless to public health and easy to clean

It is easy to repair and return to its first image when it is cracked or broken

The outer surface is almost smooth from the outside with gelcoat material

The inner surface is smooth and smooth on the inside with gelicot

The cap is fixed to the tank body in a tight manner with stainless materials, and a chain to protect it from loss

Tank openings are factory fitted according to each customer's needs

Special places with legs to fix the tank to the concrete base

Manufacture of tanks with special sizes and raw materials for different purposes

Tank features

Light in weight and easy to move from one place to another

It does not absorb heat and maintains the temperature of the water inside

The reservoir is not affected by weather factors such as rain, temperature and winds

Gelicot colors are stable and not affected by different weather factors

Fiberglass does not react with water at all and is suitable for storing drinking water

Polyethylene tanks:

Advantages of the polyethylene tanks from Al Hafiz for fiberglass

The upper hatch was designed to be wide enough for a person to enter.

The tanks are designed to be supported by side rings, which reduces the water pressure on the sides of the tank.

The best grade of polyethylene is chosen only for the manufacture of tanks, which is characterized by being non-toxic and approved for use in packing foodstuffs and also characterized by good flexibility, which prevents the tank from cracking in the event of a collision.

The tank resists sunlight due to the presence of UV.

Shock-resistant, no welds and a one-piece factory.

The tank consists of two layers (black on the outside to create a darkening inside the tank to prevent algae from forming - white from the inside, which helps to know the degree of purity of the water stored inside), and tanks can be made of three layers by adding an outer white layer to reduce the temperature of the sun and also for its aesthetic appearance. Tanks can also be manufactured from a single transparent layer for the purposes of storing concentrated liquids such as acids, fertilizers and petroleum products.

Bear high internal pressures according to scientific reports.

It does not need concrete or other bases, just a horizontal surface that can bear the weight of water.

The tank does not need maintenance because it is smooth from the inside.

The company guarantees the tank (five years) against manufacturing defects.


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