Swimming pool covers

Swimming pool covers are an important element that cannot be ignored, the manual or automatic swimming pool cover made of materials and safety features can greatly extend the life of the swimming pool, the cover is a protection against children falling, protection from falling leaves and dirt in some seasons of the year, isolating floors and walls The swimming pool is from constant direct exposure to weather factors and sunlight and to prevent rainwater from mixing with the swimming pool water cycle. Of course, the automatic cover is easier and more secure than the manual cover, but it also needs additional work to adjust the mechanical mechanism and isolate electrical sources of operation and manual control points or through control systems and screens. Smart swimming pools, contact us. Diamond Bulls engineers are waiting to answer all technical inquiries.

Indications for the use of pool covers

Swimming pool covers are not just for a feeling of luxury, manual and automatic swimming pool covers provide double protection for the swimming pool as it reduces dirt and falling leaves inside the pool water, which extends the life of the filters as well as saves the consumption of chlorine and various sterilizers, also covering the swimming pool without use The life span of the swimming pool extends from the effect of direct exposure to sunlight and its harmful effects on the components and elements of the swimming pool.

Swimming pool cover to protect family members

Swimming pool covers add a lot of safety, especially when there are children at home, which makes us forced to move away for fear of the usual childish curiosity and the fall of one of them, also we may need at many times during the year to close the swimming pool and protect it until the next use, which is what the manual or automatic swimming pool covers achieve Sound alarms can also be used in the event of a vibration movement of the water surface of the swimming pool resulting from the fall of any object to prevent any drowning accidents in the absence of a cover for the swimming pool and the presence of children in the family.

Swimming pool covers manufacturing materials

Swimming pool covers are manufactured from materials that are compatible with public health standards and have a lifespan of more than ten years. We always observe safety and security standards, especially in choosing materials and materials used in the implementation of swimming pools and using the best imported materials to achieve the health safety of users within the attached usage instructions.

Manual and automatic swimming pool covers. Swimming pool covers including manual covers that require human intervention to close and open, manual covers are relatively cheap when compared to automatic covers that need special mechanics, electrical installations and good waterproofing, automatic covers can be combined with smart home systems to control the closure And unlock via mobile phone or tablets from inside or outside the villa at any time.


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