Swimming pool maintenance

The company creates, designs, implements and maintains various swimming pools in all its models and supplies all accessories and equipment at general prices. The company is an authorized distributor for international brands such as (HAYWARD-ESPA-EMAUX-PAHLEN… .. ETC)

We have been working in the field of constructing, installing and maintaining swimming pools and supplying swimming pool accessories for more than twenty years

Our company is one of the l companies in the field of equipping, supplying, constructing and maintaining prefabricated swimming pools

The company does not rely on a single quality of a company's products in order not to impose that quality on its customers

The company advises the customer of the best products suitable for their requirements

One of the most important parts of the optional (non-mandatory) equipment is the planer. It scrapes leaves and other contaminants from the water surface externally. Sweat and body oils are extracted from water internally. This prevents the skimmer from clogging the water exit hole and pipes.

Some swimming pool owners supply filters with a water sterilization system, and such a system keeps the water free from micro-organisms by using sterilizing agents, such as ozone or ultraviolet rays, and both of these factors are among all the most useful purification agents when they are added to treatment with chlorine or bromine. .

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